Holiday Parties - What Not To Do

Steer clear of these holiday party fouls and you'll survive:

1. Forgetting to RSVP

Letting a host know whether you actually plan on attending is a fairly big deal, unless you don’t intend on eating, drinking or taking up any space.

2. Failing to accurately prepare your plus-one

Whether you’re bringing a romantic partner or just a pal, make sure they know what to expect before they walk in the door.

3. Being the first to arrive

If a party starts at 5 p.m. and you knock on the door at 5 p.m., your host absolutely wasn’t expecting you. “Fashionably late” is another way of saying “on time.”

4. Showing up with a cold


5. Launching into politics


6. Over-serving yourself

Observe the other people at the party. How are they going about getting drinks and food. Not that you have to be a follower, but standing out isn't always best.

7. Being the last one to leave

If it’s just you and the host, trust me: It's time.

8. Gossiping

Bringing up a topic like “You won’t believe who cheated on his wife,” stops being fun the moment you realize you’re talking to that guy’s wife.

9. Staring at your phone

You're better than that.

10. Ignoring the dress code

Don't wear your "ugly sweater" to a black-tie event, and vice versa.

11. Skipping the buffet

Nobody wants to look like a pig, but declining even a nibble from the party platter could lead to trouble down the line if you’re drinking.

12. Bringing a first date

There’s nothing wrong about coming to a holiday party alone, especially if the party is at a friend’s house. It gets weird, however, when you bring a date that your host (and you) barely knows.

13. Sticking to your zone

You show up at a crowded party and immediately gravitate to the people you recognize. Be brave: Find a stranger and introduce yourself.

14. Not thanking the host

Acknowledging their effort is just good manners.

15. Making really inappropriate jokes

Know your audience!

16. Showing up with Tupperware

Unless you live there, you ain’t getting any leftovers.

17. Messing with the music

Can’t stand all the playlist? Host your own party.



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