Highlights From Our 2018 Santa Jam!!!

See videos of Carlton Anderson, Danielle Bradbery, Rodney Atkins, Maren Morris, and the Surprise Artist BROTHERS OSBORNE all playing on stage together at The Stifel Theater!!

These two videos are pulled from out Snapchat and Instagram stories, so no the sound and picture quality are not perfect, and the camera shakes from time to time when my arms got tired, or I was kneeling and needed to readjust to sitting, haha! But it is still really cool to get an idea of what it was like having all the artists on stage at the same time, and you can definitely still tell how INSANELY TALENTED all of these artists are!!! 

Also, scroll down to see a video Danielle Bradbery posted from the night of her insane vocals and see even more pictures from the night HERE



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