Hemmy's Trip to The Magic House and Grant's Farm!

I hadn't been to these places since elementary school, but since my boyfriend's family with young kids was in town, we decided to check them out! They were still super fun as adults...especially since they throw in some stuff for grown ups! I'm talking about you, Free Beer at Grant's Farm!!

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It was also kind of a childhood dream come true to do the static thing at The Magic House since it was closed the one time I went there as a kid!

Definitely a couple of almost hidden gems in St. Louis worth checking out with or without kids! It makes me want to revisit more of the places that I went to on field trips growing up, like The Science Center or Cahokia Mounds! If you can think of other cool spots I should check out let me know!

 (I have been to the Zoo and City Museum a couple times as an adult, but I'm not opposed to going there again!!)

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