So Many Cool Moments From Our Bull Float Trip

Just wish I would have had a camera with me on the river so I could have taken pictures with ALL the cool people I met! Unfortunately I don't trust my self with electronic devices around water so I can only show a few of the amazing things that went down. 

The chance to shotgun a beer with Luke Combs is definitely a highlight! 

Actually got to meet a lot of the artists and their bands and realize how many cool freaking people make the music I love happen. 

Another really special thing actually happened before and after The Float. Dusty works with Anheuser-Busch to brew a beer that is only served at the Float Trip, and I've been able to go along and help him! Well this year he had special labels printed that he gave to the artists with their names on it, and the rest of the staff with our names on it!!!! I know it may be difficult to not drink a free beer...but I will keep this forever!!

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