Not only is the STL Zoo one of the greatest zoos in America, it's one of the best in the WORLD! According to, the STL Zoo ranks #4 in the world & #3 in America! Here's the top 10 Zoos in The World, according to their list.

10 - Gramado Zoo (Brazil)

9 - Biopac Valencia (Spain)

8- Tiergarten Schoenbrunn (Vienna)

7- Prague Zoo (Czech Republic)

6 - Chester Zoo (UK)

5 - Singapore Zoo (Singapore)

4 - St. Louis Zoo (STL, USA!)

3 - Loro Parquet (Spain)

2 - San Diego Zoo (USA)

1 - Henry Doorly Zoo (Omaha, USA) 


See the full ranking of the best zoos in the world & in America, here!


(Photo: Getty Images)