This vacation was multifaceted with a stop in Pittsburgh and then to Philadelphia.  My wife, Lauren, was a graduate student at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre when she was 18 and really wanted to go back to Pitts to visit.  Her sister's family and our nieces live in Philadelphia and we don't get to see them very often so we stayed with them on the last leg of the trip!  It was nice to get away for a little bit but we are happy to be back! Check out some of the pics from our PA adventure below!

Every good road trip begins with a car selfie!! (in the driveway while the car is in park, of course!) 

Just in case you were wondering...we hit a lot of this throughout our trip to PA...

I asked for a room with a great view of the Pittsburgh skyline...this is what we got. #NotAHighRoller

We had Pamela's for breakfast EVERY DAY AND IT WAS YUMMY!

On Mount Washington in of the neighborhoods with the best views!

Anyone who knows Lauren and I, knows that we love the trashy reality show 'Dance Moms.' If you watch it too, you'll know the significance of this building :)

Went to Church Brew Works - a microbrewery in a church!! They say it's 'desanctified'

After seeing the sights in Pittsburgh for 3 days we hit the road to see my brother & sister-in-law in Philly! I, of course, had to pick up the beef/cheese combo on the way which sparked some debate! Do you like these OR are they super gross?

First stop, Independence Hall!

We also saw an intense Phillies game! Ryan Howard hit a grand slam & I hit a grand slam with this amazing bucket of deliciousness!!

We knew our Philly trip wouldn't be complete without a delicious cheesesteak or 20!

After a long drive back and a couple stops to pick up the cats and dog from friends we are home!! It was a great trip, but it was nice to see this smiling face again!!

Photos: RemyCam