At the end of every year I think it’s good to reflect on the last 12 months & find the best stuff to re-live. Most of the time we’re ready for the next year to immediately begin so we can move onto something new & exciting. Before we go there, I want to take a second to go back in time to my favorite few moments from 2013.

#3 - Meeting Hulk Hogan

When I was a kid, between 5 - 12 years old, I was jumping onto couches dropping flyin’ elbows & atomic leg drops all DAY. This year, THE ONE AND ONLY Hulk Hogan was on a press tour for TNA Impact wrestling so when they wanted to come on the show, I couldn’t say no. A life-long dream to do this next to THE legend.

#2 - Cancun

When Remy got married & went on his honeymoon, he went through Travel Haus of St. Louis & Mike was amazing. Mike is the owner of the travel company. He loves the show & is one of our biggest supporters. We got Casey James & Whiskey Dixon to come with us to the Hard Rock Hotel & do the show LITERALLY from the beach. What an amazing experience. 

#1 - Mason & Remy Night with the Cardinals

We wrote a song about Team Fredbird & shot a silly video set to Thrift Shop. It’s almost 100,000 views ago now, but it lead to Mason & Remy night at the ballpark. Super awesome to get the song at Busch & an honor to throw out the First Pitch(es).

I have decided to go with ONE New Year’s Resolution this year & I wrote about it in the MasoBlog. Click below to read my thoughts on creativity.

Cheers to an awesome 2014! Hope you’re a part of it.