My newest obsession is a shopping application (and website) called “Wanelo,” which stands for “Want, Need, Love.” Wanelo has a Pinterest vibe but the main difference is that it allows users to click “save” or “buy” when they have found an item they like. You can choose who you “follow” and right now I am following 14 stores. You can also look up your friends to see what they are up to on the site. Having recently downloaded the app, my profile currently has 8 items under my “Epic Wishlist” collection (which I have a feeling will be rapidly expanding).The other default collection on the app is “Things I Want as Gifts.”

The reason this application is so great is that it provides the perfect way for you to share with people what you really want for your birthday or other upcoming celebration (I’m thinking graduation parties, wedding showers, etc.). I know that my boyfriend is always looking for gift ideas so the next time he asks me what I want for my birthday, I’m just going to share my Wanelo profile with him to help steer him in the right direction!! 

There are SO many cute items on this site, so my only word of advice is that if you like Pinterest, prepare to fall in love with Wanelo.

Visit online at

Happy shopping!!

--Intern Grace