We, the Mason and Remy Interns, are college students. We understand the trials and tribulations one must deal with as a full-time student, tied to school with no end in sight... or so it seems! We know that all of the college students out there are tied to each other in a bond that only we students understand.

The interns decided to sit down, make a list of all those crazy things that all full-time college students go through, and decided to share it with the Mason and Remy fans. So in dedication to all those other college students staying up late to cram for that test and living on Ramen noodles, we present 26 of the biggest College Probz we could think of. 

1. Not being able to work full time during school to pay off student loans.. or afford anything else.

2. Going to Walmart is a field trip.

3. When the weekends start on Wednesday.

4. When Sundays are the only days you actually do homework.

5. Don’t know what to wear to a themed party.

6. Struggling to get out of bed for your only class of the day.

7. Friday classes.

8. Having to work during the homecoming game.

9. Missing the game for the tailgate.

10. Work study.

11. A diet consisting of Pizza, Ramen, and Water.

12. Going to class to watch Netflix.

13. Missing the notes because you were on Twitter.

14. When seeing the athletes on campus is the most exciting part of your day.

15. When the sorority girls outside of your room won’t stop talking about FroYo.

16. Walking to the other side of campus for a class.

17. Spending all your textbook money on alcohol and school paraphernalia.

18. When your wardrobe consists of nothing but school-related t-shirts and gym shorts.

19. Finally realizing you love your parents. Too late.

20. Missing “real” food.

21. Having to learn how to do laundry.

22. Wearing dirty clothes because doing laundry costs money.

23. TV doesn’t exist anymore.

24. Coffee becomes your new best friend.

25. When you actually have to go to the library.

26. You learn to never take advantage of your bed back at home.


Amanda, Taylor, Grace, and Brooke