Joe Gibson took his 4-year-old son into Friendly's Bar in The Oak Hill neighborhood on Father's Day.  

After the meal the waitress dropped this receipt on the table:

Yes, the last line reads "FU***** NEEDY KIDS"


Denny Domachowski - the bar owner said, "Normally, we don't let anyone in who's under 21. But the guy said he was with his kid for Father's Day and they were just leaving the (Missouri) Botanical Garden, so I said 'Sure.'" 

They ordered a chicken dinner and one chicken leg for the child...apparently, they normally don't do substitutions.

The waitress forgot to clear the "kitchen instructions" Domachowski says, "Normally, those (kitchen) instructions are cleared off the bill before it's printed out and given to the customer, but, obviously, they weren't."

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