We spent so much of our time playing Flappy Bird and being terrible at it we decided to write a jam about our struggles.  Listen below:

It might seem crazy what I’m about to say
But this simple game I’m about to play
Got a, brand new addiction and I must obey
It’s unfair, but I don’t care, now get out the way
I can’t stand flappy (biiiird)
Clap along if you throw your phone right through the roof
I can’t stand flappy (biiiird)
Clap along if your high score is 3 and thats the truth
I can’t stand flappy (biiird)
Clap along if sanity is what you want to lose.
I can’t stand flappy (bird.....)
Clap along if you feel like that’s not what you want to do
It’s all bad news when you flappy flap
makes me wanna scream, i can’t hold back
i should probably warn ya, it doesn’t cost a dime
no offense to you, this game’s a waste time