We always hear about "bridezillas" but what about "groomzillas?" Apparently, Brantley Gilbert might be showing symptoms.  

In a recent interview, Jana Kramer said Brantley needs to chill about the minor detaisl of his upcoming wedding!!  She was the one who called him a "groomzilla."

They were recently driving around with wedding coordinators and they kept getting lost.  Brantley took it upon himself to drive past them and go to each venue on his own.  Brantley said, "They were driving like 30, and dude, I just can't work with that."

Jana tweets:  "Oh my gosh!  I'm the one supposed to be freaking out, not you!  So, that's why I hence tweeted, I have a groomzilla on my hands."

Was your groom a "groomzilla?" Comment below: 


Full article here: Country Weekly