It seems Remy might be the next one with a baby here in the building. And no, Lauren is NOT pregnant...yet.  He's nervous he's not ready yet.

Are you ever ready to have a baby?


Top 10:

1. You could barely keep a Tamagotchi alive.

2. Your priorities aren’t in the right place yet.

3. Admit it, you can't even keep house plants alive.

4. You’re really not sure how you’re supposed to, like, hold one?

5. You’re not really sure your cat/dog would get along with a new baby.

6. You still care too much about your expensive electronics.

7. The word “poop” is still hilarious to you.

8. You don’t have the amount of patience required to keep them from hurting themselves.

9. You still use the “Hold this! Now you’re playing too!” when playing video games.

10. You’re not quite ready to give up the spotlight yet.