Most of the world views the midwest as a giant field filled with corn, soybeans, cows & farms. Yes, we have that...but that's not all we have!! If you've ever been out of the midwest, you've probably fielded some of these stereotypes!

See the list of stereotypes Midwesterners are tired of hearing below:


1. The Midwest is just corn fields.

2. No one in the Midwest has dreams, they’re content to stay in their small towns forever.

3. And Midwesterners party in barns on the reg.

4. Midwesterners only drink Budweiser.

5. All Midwest food is fried, then dipped in ranch. (ok, this might be true)

6. People in the Midwest think cheese is a main food group.

7. People in the Midwest spend their free time tipping cows.

8. And the most fashionable the Midwest gets is a new John Deere hat.

9. People in the Midwest drive tractors around everywhere.

10. People in the Midwest LOOOOVEEE buffets.

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