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10 Surprising Ingredients in Cosmetics

10 Surprising Ingredients in Cosmetics

Ladies, do you know the ACTUAL ingredients in your cosmetics?  Do you even want to know?  If you've gotten this far you're probably curious so scroll down.  

1. Snail Slime - Found in most moisturizers (Skin regeneration and eliminates dead skin cells)

2. Bull...seed - High class salons offer this as a conditioner for hair.

3. Whale Intestinal Waste - (Whale Vomit) is used in high end perfumes like Chanel and Lanvin

4. Crushed Beetles - listed as "Carmine" this is what gives lipstick it's deep red color

5. Dead Algea - toothpaste, deodorant, abosbent powders, exfoliants and household cleaners

6. Chicken Bone Marrow - anti-inflammatory agent for topical skin care

7. Egg Whites - skin firming products

8. Fish Scales - used to to shimmer to cosmetics and personal care products

9. Wool Wax - high value cosmetics as barrier protection to chapped skin and soothe dryness

10. Placenta - used as treat for extremely damaged hair 


Full Article from Buzzfeed

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