Ladies, do you know the ACTUAL ingredients in your cosmetics?  Do you even want to know?  If you've gotten this far you're probably curious so scroll down.  

1. Snail Slime - Found in most moisturizers (Skin regeneration and eliminates dead skin cells)

2. Bull...seed - High class salons offer this as a conditioner for hair.

3. Whale Intestinal Waste - (Whale Vomit) is used in high end perfumes like Chanel and Lanvin

4. Crushed Beetles - listed as "Carmine" this is what gives lipstick it's deep red color

5. Dead Algea - toothpaste, deodorant, abosbent powders, exfoliants and household cleaners

6. Chicken Bone Marrow - anti-inflammatory agent for topical skin care

7. Egg Whites - skin firming products

8. Fish Scales - used to to shimmer to cosmetics and personal care products

9. Wool Wax - high value cosmetics as barrier protection to chapped skin and soothe dryness

10. Placenta - used as treat for extremely damaged hair 


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