A bit of a twist on the results show last night! The Top 5 could have kept the group for another week but 2 of the contestants said no so Sam headed home...

Keith rocked out his new single "Good Thing":

Already down to 5. We are getting close...Missing the Country on Idol, I have to say, but still some amazing singers left in the competition. Who are you routing for? My favorite performance of the night was Caleb Johnson rocking out 'Still of the Night'. Seriously, bang your head, right?:

This was great too:

Watch more performances on Idol's you tube page.

Last night…your Top Five “Idols” gave it their all with adrenaline- packed performances…and America was left to decide who didn’t make the cut. The votes were some of the biggest on record, and the margin is tight. Find out who’ll win the top four spots!

It’s an “American Idol” elimination you can’t miss! Tonight, after a new “Hell’s Kitchen” on FOX!