Nashville last night...

WATCH: Dad Advises Future Parents

Not sure why I got a kick out of this...

New Video from Brett Eldredge on Monday!

World Premiere Music TOMORROW!

I need this...

Here's Whats Coming in March to Netflix


Where to start....I started with The Bull in 2005 as an intern and I never left! You may know me as The Dad In Plaid, I seriously own a TON of plaid shirts...It's an addiction. I have the most wonderful wife on the planet, as she keeps me in line, and I'm a proud dad of two beautiful girls. I can recite the entire movie of Frozen. I've only seen it 548468135 times. To answer the question everyone asks, I went to St. Charles High! I like brewing beer, drinking beer and talking about beer. I have also only had 1 cavity in my life. I'm sure that's something you wanted to know. Hit me up @Dustyonair


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