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Honoring Our Heroes! Travers Autoplex & RV thanks our police, fire fighters, EMS, active military, veteran’s, teachers, nurses, or anyone who has been a hero in your life. Nominate your Hero for a chance to win a prize, and one lucky nominee will win a brand new 2016 Heartland Prowler Lynx 285LX. Winner will be chosen on Saturday, March 11, 2017, MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN, at 2pm at Travers Autoplex and RV in Eureka, Missouri, off Highway 44 across from Six Flags.



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Congratulations to this weeks Hero, Kyle Huskey. Kyle was nominated by his wife Erica. She said, "My husband, Kyle Huskey, is a full time firefighter with Hillsboro Fire Protection District. Kyle goes above and beyond for our community as well as our family. He has had to save adults, children, and even pets from fires and car accidents. He's had to spend hours searching for victims of flash floods, and he even had to respond to a fatal accident of one of his own brothers from the Hillsboro Fire District. He was the first to respond to the scene when his grandmother passed away as well. While these calls have been very wearing on Kyle, he still loves his career and finds ways to be positive. Kyle serves meals to people in need on Christmas, trains and mentors high school students for careers in the fire service industry, has shaved his head to raise money towards childhood cancer research, and he even manages to be a hero at home. He gives everything he has for his family and community and never wants in return. My husband has dreamed of one day buying an RV or camper, and I know he would be so extremely appreciative. Thank you for giving back to first responders."


Congratulations to this weeks hero, Dave McCune. Dave was nominated by his wife Patty. She says: "Well the number one reason he is my hero is he is my husband. Dave is a husband, father, a son, a policeman, police sergeant, SWAT police operator, an instructor, and a friend to many. His work never goes unnoticed by his family and his children. He served time in Ferguson Mo during the riots and still to this day he talks about the experience and how he felt he made a difference in the community. Even when Dave is not in uniform, he provides heroic events to those around him. For example, in Florida a little girl was struggling while swimming in the ocean and he stepped up and assisted her to her safety and never skipped a beat. He also spends time with the local police academy when they are in need of direction or support to those wanting to become police officers.

Lastly, we as a family are campers and currently own an old camper 1998 aerolite which we purchased from my sister. Since we have had the camper, my hero husband has taken the time to replace the entire floor and plumbing to the bathroom to allow his family to have quality time.

In summary, my husband, our hero should be nominated because he is a first responder by day and by night. When he gets a free moment, he treasures his quality family time with his OLD camper!!

Photo shows how much of a HERO his daughter thinks he is!! Maggie with his hat on as a first responder.

jeremy stetina

Congratulations to this weeks Hero, Jeremy Stetina! He was nominated by his wife Melissa who said, My husband, Jeremy, is my hero! He is a deputy with the Washington County Sheriff's Department, and he is also a paramedic for the Reynolds County Ambulance District and Madison Medical Center. Jeremy works three jobs to help make ends meet for our family. He sometimes spends 5 days in a row away from us. We have two daughters ages 10 and 12. They adore their dad and are so proud of the fact that he is a deputy and paramedic. They miss him terribly when he is gone working. (So do I!) Jeremy has always wanted a camper so we could spend quality family time together on his rare weekends off work.My husband puts his life on the line every day to serve and protect others, and I would love for him to win this camper so he could get away, relax and spend time with his family. Thank you for considering my husband, my hero!

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Congratulations to this weeks hero Jesse Kline. Jesse was nominated by Kristen Petrus. Jesse is a well rounded man, and served four years in the United States Marine Corps. He served as an infantryman, he deployed to Iraq in 2008, and Afghanistan in 2009. He graduated Maryville University with a bachelors degree in criminology, and a POST license from St Louis County and Municpal Police Academy. He has been a Police Officer with the Ferguson Police Department for a little over a year. I personally think Jesse has dedicated his life to serve his nation.


Patty Allen

Congratulations to week two winner Patty Allen. She was nominated by Donna Cornman who had this to say about Patty: My hero is a marine and a nurse practioner!! She has 6 children' takes care of my 2 autistic boys and she is there for everyone all the time!! She goes out of her way to do great things, she has a soft side but she is tough as nails!! That's why I think she should be honored every day whether she wins or not!


Congratulations to the first weekly winner Dennis Frenzel - Dennis was nominated by his daughter, Daphne: I nominate my amazing dad. He fought in Vietnam and when we were kids and my dad came home he was a different person at times. When you're young you don't quite understand things but as I grew older I realized the struggle my dad went though on a daily basis. Others don't realize the fight they go through. My dad struggled really bad with severe PTSD and so many other things and to come home and deal with his own issues and take care of us kids must have been just so hard. I've seen my dad snap in and out of things and he's OK now and has talked to me about his struggles and I understand the things I was scared of as a kid. It wasn't easy seeing our dad snap in and out of the anger and sadness he had. Sometimes he thought he was at war still and it was scary at times. I love my dad so much and cant image what he has been through to fight for our country. I'm just glad I still have him in my life.