(Yahoo!) - Has the epic “Twilight” love saga come to a true end for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

Rumors that the on and off-screen couple were having problems have swirled for weeks, with multiple outlets reporting on Saturday the duo officially called it quits. Allegedly, the breakup blowout came to a head last Monday when Pattinson celebrated his birthday solo while Stewart was photographed looking glum at a friend’s house.

Here’s what we know:

“They have been having problems for a while,” a source close to the duo tells omg!. “They may technically be broken up for now, but this actually isn’t new.”

The last time Stewart and Pattinson were last photographed together was earlier this month after a trip to New York City, but behind closed doors there was already trouble.

“Things have been shaky since Rob got back from Australia,” another insider adds. Pattinson, 27, was filming “The Rover” in the land down under and Stewart, 23, didn’t visit once. Since Pattinson’s return to the States, the couple was photographed occasionally indulging in some PDA around their Los Feliz neighborhood in L.A. and the duo even had a great night together celebrating Stewart’s birthday in April. But, like every couple (and every young couple in love) there have been a lot of “ups and downs,” in their relationship, a source says.

One down, of course, was when Stewart was caught having an affair last summer with her married “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders. Still, she and Pattinson worked through it and reconciled last fall.

“The bottom line is they have this crazy emotional connection that most people don’t understand,” a source tells omg!. “It’s likely they will get back together down the road. This is probably a temporary hiccup.”

So, while it sounds like the on-again, off-again couple is off for now, this hopefully isn’t the last we’ve seen of “Robsten.”


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